Escape into your inner world.

Whether you're wanting to host a group off-grid or finally do that retreat for yourself, Pacha Place is an escape into the quiet. A place to explore the depth of your spiritual and creative you. 

A purposeful place.

Built on solid bedrock, encased in cement walls and surrounded by four acres of forest, Pacha Place is for anyone wanting a grounded place in nature to do their inner spiritual or creative work.

For healers

For creatives

For facilitators

We offer packages for healers needing a private facility in nature for overnight retreats or events for their clients.

We offer packages for creatives needing an overnight retreat to go deeper into their creative vision without interruption.

We offer packages for facilitators wanting to host a group event during the day, where deeper creative connection can happen.

From Peru to the prairie.

The purpose of Pacha Place was inspired by the Andean cosmovision. Pacha, a container of spacetime for consciousness to exist. Three separate pachas represented the upper world, the world as we know it and the inner world.  We were so moved by the Andean philosophy and people, we wanted to bring a different way of being to the prairie of Kansas. A way to experience living grounded with nature and connected through shared space. 

Designed with consciousness.

Each space is designed consciously to connect to nature and yourself. Artifacts, elements and symbols in the design bring in energy from across the globe and Apus (mountains) from across North and South America.

It's all in the tiny details.

Medical grade air purification for the cleanest breathing

LoveSac configurable furniture for any group size

Nectar foam mattresses for the deepest sleep

Two dedicated office spaces, one with a  standup desk

Parking to fit ten cars comfortably, with EV charging

QuWave EMF protectors to shield harmful energies

High speed internet with three routers for expanded coverage

A dedicated kitchen with everything to host a small group

A collection of spiritual artifacts and books

A 65" 4K TV for
doing talks or presentations

Our place is your place.

Send us your request and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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